Base Cabinets

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Freedom Cabinets has varieties of colors, styles and size of shaker for kitchen, living room, bathroom and console in the showroom.

All products available in-stock in the warehouse for pick up in San Diego and Los Angeles.

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    • Base Full Door 9"Wx34-1/2"Hx24"D-1D-1S
    • Base 12"Wx34-1/2"Hx24"D-1D-1DRA-1S
    • Base 15"Wx34-1/2"Hx24"D-1D-1DRA-1S
    • Base 18"Wx34-1/2"Hx24"D-1D-1DRA-1S
    • Base 21"Wx34-1/2"Hx24"D-1D-1DRA-1S


    • Base 24"Wx34-1/2"Hx24"D-2D-1DRA-1S
    • Base 27"Wx34-1/2"Hx24"D-2D-1DRA-1S


    • Sink Base 30"Wx34-1/2"Hx24"D-2D-2DD
    • Sink Base 33"Wx34-1/2"Hx24"D-2D-2DD
    • Sink Base 36"Wx34-1/2"Hx24"D-2D-2DD
    • Sink Base 42"Wx34-1/2"Hx24"D-2D-2DD


    • Base 12"Wx34-1/2"Hx24"D-3DRA
    • Base 15"Wx34-1/2"Hx24"D-3DRA
    • Base 18"Wx34-1/2"Hx24"D-3DRA
    • Base 21"Wx34-1/2"Hx24"D-3DRA
    • Base 24"Wx34-1/2"Hx24"D-3DRA
    • Base 27"Wx34-1/2"Hx24"D-3DRA
    • Base 30"Wx34-1/2"Hx24"D-3DRA
    • Base 33"Wx34-1/2"Hx24"D-3DRA
    • Base 36Wx34-1/2"Hx24"D-3DRA

Detail specification of the solid wood cabinet

  • FullOverlay
  • Face Frame: 1 ½ ” wide Stiles and Rails, SolidBirch
  • Door Rail/Stile: 63mm width solid Birch, 8mm TK MDF veneered flat center panel,
  • Door Center Panel: Shaker White–8mmTK all MDF,flat
  • Drawer Head: Same asDoor
  • Cabinet Box: 1/2″ plywood ,1 pc back panel,dovetailconstruction
  • Drawer Box : 14mm TK solid birch finger joint, dovetail construction, 9mm plywood drawer bottom
  • Drawer Slide:DTC Under mount soft closeslide
  • Door Hinge: DTC Build-in soft closehinge
  • Shelves: Adjustable, ¾ ” Plywood, front PVC edgebanded
  • Cabinet Interior Finish: Natural
  • Cabinet Exterior Finish:Matching with door panel

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